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Well, updates have been slow and far in between. Just sorting out a lot of things at the moment - hmmm, sounds kind of cliché doesn't it? Oh well, it's the truth so poo on you. No no, I can't say that to my loyal fan(s). Anyway, I'll try to do some more frequent updates but I'm not making any promises.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd yes, that's all.

September 1, 2004

I'm back with a vengeance. No upate schedule, just whenever I feel like it. The current storyline is scraped until futher notice. Man, I need to re-pick up my drawing capabilities. I'm drawing like a six year old. Ugh.

You people can rejoice now, if you want.

July 21, 2004

*emerges from a screen of smoke* Well, where have I been? Off doing very necessary things for Post-Secondary education. Read all about it on my devArt Journal.

The good news is that this has freed up a little time for me to draw some more comics. Yeah, I bet you missed them, didn't you? *person in back holds up a little flag with 'I love NM' on it* ... You rock, man. You rock.

But seriously, I am gonna draw some new comics over the weekend. Hopefully build up a sizable backlog of comics for the upcoming haul in the semester. It shouldn't be that hard, but it's still a fair amount of work that I need to do. So, expect a new comic on Monday. I'm probably gonna revert back to the vertical strips seeing that the biggest action/plot driving sequences are over, for now. ^_- Stay tuned for more NardManga v2.0 goodness! This little break has also given me some time to rework my storyline. Reworking storyline = better comics for you. ^^ Maybe I should try doing a colored one every now and then ...

Oh, and be sure to check out Treasure Hunters. It's a great comic and the evolution of his drawing technique and style is beyond impressive. BEYOND impressive. Check it out. ... ... ... And visit my forum. It's getting cold and lonely in there. T^T

Cheerio, lads.

February 19, 2004

Hope you guys had a Happy New Years! I sure as hell didn't! I was bored for 4 of the 5 hours that I spent at some child's event called First Night Toronto. They advertised the fact that Bob the Builder was going to be present. Bob the God DAMN Builder! I don't even know why kids like him! Arg ... stupid kids. The even more idiotic announcer missed the big countdown too. HE STARTED COUNTING DOWN WHEN THE CLOCK ALREADY CHANGED TO 12:00!!! What kind of human being does that!?!?!

Anyway, small update. Wrote up a few NardManga v2.0 character descriptions and such so you can go check those out. I think you should. It'll make reading this comic a lot more enjoyable than it currently is - which is not too enjoyable.

Speaking of enjoyable, what do you folks think of the comic so far? Pretty gnarly with the monsters and Asa being in pain and such, eh? What that's? YOU want to voice an opinion to ME but you don't know how to use E-Mail? Well, head on over to the Forums and say something! It doesn't require you to register, so you can have any screen name you want! Examples include: Guest, Devoted Fan Number 000000000018 (I'm making room for the legions to come), Stalker, bEbiGRrl48 and the list continues. So hop on by the forums and fire up a new topic or post in one of the old ones!

January 9, 2004

Well, that's done and over with. The normal comic and plotline resumes on Monday.


December 25, 2003

Does anybody read this site update section? I wonder ... ... ... ...

Anyway, with Christmas fast approaching, I decided to suspend the normal storyline for a while and have a NardManga Love Love Christmas Special just for you readers! It's gonna be 12 comics long with a possible Christmas picture on ... wel, Christmas day.

Who does this comic feature? My friends, of course. Including a two new friends who have been bugging me. >.< Oof. Anyway, updates are everyday until Christmas. Let's see if I can handle it or not. So be sure to swing by everyday from now until Christmas!

Adios, amigos~! And have a very Merry Christmas!

December 13, 2003

Whoops, hahahaha. Looks like I misnamed the comics that I had drawn for this week so nothing updated except for Nuw Xeal's comic. Sorry guys (do I even have enough readers to use the plural form? ^.^;;). But that just means that I got a nice little one week break from drawing NardManga v2.0 to catch up on my homework ... I guess. Heh.

Well, Christmas is fast approaching and you know what that means. OMIYAGES! <-- I learned a new Japanese word a while ago ... Hahahaha ... <-- Otaku <-- Uses to many of these arrow thingies. ^.^;;

But really, Christmas isn't alllll about the gifts. It's about being with the ones you love the most ... and showering them with gifts. XD Yeah, yeah. I know that sounded corny but I'm a firm believer in that. Maybe it's because I'm not super rich so I can't afford very many gifts or perhaps the fact that my parents stopped getting gifts for me a while back. Oh well, whatever the reason I rather like it better this way. It makes me a better person who is less materialistic. And we all know what materialism does to people. *cough*Scrooge*cough* ^__^;

What else, what else. OH! Right! I've got another fanart from M.E. Charm! He's a real swell guy. It's a picture of Asa Kaai and my goodness does he look badass. B) Be sure to check it out in the Bonus section. Go visit his site too! It's got quality stuff. I mean, quality stuff.

That's all from me for now. Read my Deviant Art journal if you really wanna know what happens to me every now and then. À bientôt!

November 29, 2003

Just a quick update to the Bonus section of this site. I've added a fanart section because, well, I recived two pieces of fanart and they deserve to be exposed to the readers ... all 5 of you. :P Uhm, I also drew a new picture for NardManga v2.0~! It's a picture of Grève Parfait, y'know. That crazy, lovey dovey, super sexy Captain of the Holy Guard? Yeah, that's right. I knew you'd remember him. ^.^ So go check it out!

November 07, 2003


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